Giving Tuesday 2018

On Tuesday, November 27, Little Sea Folk Festival joins non-profit organizations worldwide to ask for your support.

Youth access, from the very start of Little Sea, has been a pillar of operation. All Little Sea events - dances, concerts, festivals, workshops - are free of charge for children ages 12 & under, and deeply discounted for youth from ages 13-18. We were able to accommodate roughly 100 children in our 2017-2018 events and we not only would like to expand that number, but dedicate resource to the development of specific programming for youth of all ages, interest levels, and communities.

Our goal is $3000

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Direct giving to the Little Sea Folk Festival. You can click here to contribute.

  2. Host a fundraiser on Facebook.

    • click here to begin fundraiser

    • select Little Sea Folk Festival from the list of non-profit organizations.

    • select the goal amount of your fundraiser (Facebook will be matching up to $7 million of selected fundraisers on Giving Tuesday).

    • set the date you’d like your fundraiser to end (hint: Nov 27 is Giving Tuesday).

    • Give it a title and information (hint: Facebook autofills this for you with all pertinent information about Little Sea and our goals and qualifications).

    • Choose cover art (we have some options there for you).

    • You did it!

  3. Share this post to your friends a family in advance of Giving Tuesday so they can host fundraisers as well. The more merrier!

  4. Share a fundraiser on social media to let people know that you support the goal. Every little bit of an awareness campaign helps a small organization like ours!

Those are just some ideas. If you’d like to help us with the festival, admin, marketing, or something else we’ve forgotten, we’d love to hear from you. Please email and we’ll chat.

Thank you!

Colleen Raney